The energy services sector has become increasingly important among the public services, especially in relation to the price of raw materials that in recent years has shown the great impact on the family budget bill for electricity and gas.

After the liberalization introduced by the European Union, in Italy since 2004 all consumers have the right to freely choose their gas supplier, and since 2007 that one for electricity. The years pass, but there are still many people struggling with the lack of knowledge and distrust of the free market.

Below is a summary of the main problems encountered by citizens struggling with the energy market.


Citizens and electricity & gas services (abstract XII PIT Services Report, 2012)

Telecommunications are in top place for inadequate services, energy sector is in second place on the list of most critical services for citizens (last year it was in third place, preceded by telecommunications and bank and financial services).

In 2011, reports reached by Cittadinanzattiva’s PIT Services concerning the energy sector make up 17% of the total of those receipts with a stable trend over the previous year (16%). Electricity (55%, -13% in 2010) and gas (45%, +13%) are two interesting sectors.


The bill remains the most criticized aspect (40%, +2%), with errors in the balance of the arrears, unclear entries of charges and erroneous billing. However there are also problems with changing the supplier (17%), stoppage of the service (12%), and the high rates (10%).

energia elettrica 2012Cittadinanzattiva – XII Relazione PiT Servizi, 2012


The number of complaints have been constantly on the increase over the last two years or more. The main problems concern the bill (41%), with errors in the balance of the arrears, missing or erroneous billing, and unclear entries of charges. These are followed by problems regarding changing the supplier (21%), for connection/transfer of contracts and replacement (14%) and for stoppage of the service (9%).

gas 2012
Cittadinanzattiva – XII Relazione PiT Servizi, 2012