The Observatory prices and tariffs of Cittadinanzattiva was founded in 2005 with the aim to compare the different pricing policies applied to public utilities and adopted in the various geographical areas of Italy; assess its impact on daily activities of the users; inform citizens about the mechanisms of detection rates, on the phenomena related to the performance of the same and the reference standard.
From the birth to now, the Observatory has been involved mainly in tariffs for integrated water services, collection and disposal of municipal waste, the municipal nursery schools and local public transport, by promoting mode of action on the part of organizations to protect citizens in order to prevent and not suffer the trend of prices.  

The Observatory prices and tariffs is animated by a team that has a central function:
• coordinate the collection of prices and rates at the regional level;
• deal directly with the measurements to perform at a central level;
• updating the database;
• define the means of detection;
• to oversee the preparation of periodical reports;
• organize training sessions and disclosure of information collected.

The central team is supported by a national network of civic detectors, volunteers, citizens belonging to Cittadinanzattiva specifically trained. The civic detectors are responsible for periodic data collection on a local basis; establish relations with the representatives of local administrations and businesses whose services are covered by the survey; proceed to the local dissemination of the data collected and can organize training sessions decentralized in order to give wide dissemination of the information.
The activities of the Observatory prices and rates over time has increasingly led to the introduction and subsequent accreditation of consumer-citizens as actors in the governance process of the system of prices and tariffs in the area of ​​public utility services, giving them the opportunity to gain more knowledge on the mechanisms of operation and the performance of the system of prices and tariffs, including through the implementation of detections made by the citizens themselves.
The basis of the Observatory's prices and tariffs have been placed under the project  “Citizens that count. Civic detection and proposals on prices and tariffs of public utilities”, produced by Cittadinanzattiva in 2004-2005 through the funds of the Authority fines.
In the Annual Reports  section you can download the annual dossiers.
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