energia elica 2015 02 19

The focus on energy and environment covers three areas: electricity and gas (25.6%), water, and waste management services (11%). The former relates 76% to the electrical services and the remaining 24% on gas services. Citizens mostly complain about massive bills (42.9%),billing irregularities,lack of transparency, changing from a regulated market  to a liberal market  (total: 17.3%; a decrease of 2.4% for electricity and 3.8% for gas) and  lastly contracts (total: 12.8%; a decrease of 2.1% for electricity and an increase of  1.4% for gas). Instead regarding the annual bonus (the annual Bonus has been issued by the Italian government to help the vulnerable families with their electricity and gas supply), it increased for the electricity supply (5.7%) and decreased for the gas supply (0.4%). Also, the number of citizens who complained on the costs of electricity has decreased (3.6%) while those who believe the gas prices have increased are 3%. The complaints about the quality of the services has increased for both sectors, especially on how the businesses handle complaints. Instead, the problems in the measurements remains unchanged for the electrical supply and increased 1.5% for the gas supply.

Even for water services, the most problematic aspect for citizens are the bills (total: 71%; an increase of 25% compared to 2012) whereas everything else reduced compared to 2012.
In the case of waste management, citizens include billing as the most problematic issue (an increase of 20% compared to 2012), followed by the increase in tariffs for the collection and disposal of waste. On the other hand,  reports on recycling, irregularity of the waste collection, condition of the bins and ecological islands, have decreased.

Cittadinanzattiva proposes to: improve services on the active participation and protection of the consumer, and increase transparency of the consumption and the prices. All this can be done by replacing the old systems of measurements with an efficient one. Efforts should also be made on adjusting delayed payments,  which can be archieved by exchanging information between supplier and seller. It is also necessary to strengthen the precautionary measures for those clients using the bonus and increase efforts in making the commercial offers more transparent.
For the waste management, Cittadinanzattiva calls for a greater commitment for the "Zero Waste 2020", a system which  rewards citizens who recycle their waste and create a tariff based on the actual production of non-recyclable waste.

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