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Out of control rates and expensive insurances for new drivers. In the South of Italy, a growing number of uninsured vehicles and fraudulent insurances. A novice driver pays an average € 2,651 per year for a car insurance, but in extreme cases it can exceed € 6,000, as it happens in some cities of the South of Italy (Naples, Caserta, Bari and Brindisi), where the annual rate is € 6,699.

If the insurance for young people is a splurge, it isn’t much better for an adult whose insurance premium is at the maximum discount: in 23 cities they do not pay less than €700.

The survey on the cost of car insurances has been managed by the Observatory prices and tariffs of Cittadinanzattiva through the use of the online tool "tuopreventivatore" available at the IVASS website. The survey focused on two user profiles:
1. 40-year old male, with a 1300 cc car, maximum discount of the premium and minimum amount as established by law;
2. 18 year-old male, with a 1300 cc car, maximum amount for an entry-level premium and minimum amount as established by law.

There are no exceptions even for women, following the entry of the new EU laws on unisex rates.

With rising costs of car insurances and a widening gap between North and South of Italy, driving has become too expensive for citizens, especially in the South where there are no other alternatives. The issue of mobility and car insurances should be addressed in an integrated, clear and decisive manner, and alternatives in transportation should be developed.

The decline of insurance rates for both profiles (for adults €604 in 2014 compared to €661 in 2013; for new drivers €2,651 compared to €2,828) can be related to the decrease of accidents, in the reduction of vehicular circulation (in 2013 the insured vehicles fell by 2.5% compared to 2012), as well as in the difficulty to prove the minor injuries in case of an accident.

Geographically, the rates are on average higher in the South of Italy for both profiles, ranging from €713 for the adults in the South and €492 in the North; for the young category, it ranges from  €2,893 in the South and €2,388 in the North.

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