After the liberalization introduced by the European Union, in Italy since 2004 all consumers have the right to freely choose their gas supplier, and since 2007 that one for electricity. The years pass, but there are still many people struggling with the lack of knowledge and distrust of the free market. 

To respond to the many concerns of citizens, Cittadinanzattiva has created a series of five leaflets, distributed free of charge.

  • The new energy market, useful guide to the innovations introduced by liberalization and actors in the energy. 

  • The contract, helpful guide to learn more before, during and after the signing. 

  • Read the bill, useful guide to technical terms, acronyms and numbers of the energy sector.

  • Energy saving, useful guide to become an efficient consumer of energy.

  • Instruments of protection, useful guide to assert your rights.


Year: 2012 

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Mariano Votta
Mariano Votta, nettunese classe '72, con fiere origini lucane. Laurea in scienze politiche, 2 master, iscritto all'Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti.Responsabile delle politiche europee di Cittadinanzattiva e coordinatore di Active Citizenship Network. Componente della Direzione Nazionale.